Child Abuse
Child Abuse

Be A Child’s Hope – Help Prevent Child Abuse!

Child Abuse is NOT limited to any particular group of people, whether it be social, economic, ethnic, religious or cultural.



Signs of Child Abuse

PHYSICAL signs include cuts, bruises, burns or other injuries, especially when a child is hesitant or evasive when you ask him or her what happened.

EMOTIONAL signs include depression, low self-esteem, anger, apathy or distrust.

SOCIAL signs include withdrawal, relationship problems, does not tolerate physical or emotional closeness or aggression towards others.

Tips for Parents

  • Be active in your child’s activities
  • Talk to your child
  • Be supportive of your child
  • Watch for changes in your child’s behavior
  • Learn alternative ways to discipline and
    manage your child


Types of Child Abuse

Child Abuse occurs when somebody or a situation threatens the survival, security or the development of a child.

PHYSICAL ABUSE: Any physical injury caused by hitting, kicking, shaking, burning or any show of force.
SEXUAL ABUSE: Any sexual action involving a child (fondling, rape or indecent exposure).
EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Behavior that destroys a child’s confidence (threats, rejection or constant criticism).
NEGLECT: When a caregiver fails to meet a child’s basic needs (housing, food, clothing, medical care and supervision).
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: In Florida, Domestic Violence is a form of child abuse and neglect. Children are often emotionally affected or injured while trying to protect a parent.

Did You Know? Child Abuse: For every incident of child abuse or neglect that get reported. It is estimated that tow others go unreported. Abused Children are more like to abuse alcohol and become addicted to drugs, and one third will later abuse their own children.


Mandatory Reporting Information:

Anyone may report suspected child abuse, but mandatory reporters are all professionals that work with children including health care providers, child care or day care providers mental health professionals, social workers, school personnel and law enforcement. They are REQUIRED to do so by the law.